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Introducing My Personal GitBook 📚


   As a AppSec professional, my day-to-day activities often involve tackling challenging problems that require a diverse range of resources. Over time, after scrolling up endlessly in my Slack DMs to myself looking for that one specific payload or some github repo that’s like PayloadAllTheThings, the need for an organized, accessible collection of this information became apparent. To address this need, I developed my own GitBook.


   This GitBook isn’t a dump of courses, articles, or tools. It’s an organized collection that contains:

  1. Cheatsheets: Concise summaries of various security concepts and techniques.
  2. Attack Parameters: A diverse range of attack vectors and parameters, tested across numerous scenarios.
  3. Payloads: A collection of effective payloads for a variety of situations, including XSS, SQLi, SSRF, and RCE, among others.

     Moreover, I have recently been delving into the labs at the PortSwigger Web Security Academy. I’ve been recording my findings and observations in Notion notes, which will be regularly updated with each lab I solve.

   You can access my GitBook HERE.

     The cybersecurity community thrives on collaboration and shared knowledge. Therefore, I encourage any suggestions or contributions that can further enrich this repository.

   Thank you for your continued support and interest.

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